Ten Things to Say That Make People Feel Good

Feel_GoodSaying nice things to people makes them feel good.  People who feel good about themselves and their jobs are happy and productive.  If they work for you, with you, or near you, they will propel you in front of them.    Be absolutely genuine; practice and remember to say:

  1. “Please”
  2. “Thank you” (A good boss has reasons to say “thank you” at least ten times a day.)
  3. “I appreciate your effort”
  4. “I hear nothing but good words about you”
  5. “Congratulations”
  6. “I need your help”
  7. “I am glad you are on the team”
  8. “You earned and deserve this”
  9. “You remember Joe Smith in our Marketing department.” (An introduction of someone to a superior.)
  10. “That was a first-class job you did.  Keep it up.”

Anything else you would like to add?

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8 Responses to “Ten Things to Say That Make People Feel Good”

  1. CJ says:

    Thanks Maria!
    So true. And you practice what you preach!

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